Increasing the time officers spend on the frontline

For frontline officers doing their best to protect local communities, instant access to essential information can make a world of difference. So when O2 equipped over 3,000 Surrey & Sussex officers with handheld devices, enabled with the Airwave Pronto solution, we knew there was huge potential for a real and immediate impact.

Each device came with pre-loaded apps that would enable officers to complete tasks seamlessly from any location. And with secure Mobile Device Management (MDM), the apps could safely consolidate sensitive data from over 35 different systems (across both forces). All of which promised to make case collaboration easier, reduce errors and speed up the reporting process – with far fewer trips between the field and the station.

Already, the anywhere, anytime convenience and efficiency of data on-demand has enabled Surrey Police to cut nearly two hours of admin per shift per officer. Digital Policing in total is providing an estimated £7m in annual savings for each police force, but even more importantly has helped Surrey & Sussex forces provide a far more visible service to their local communities.

According to Giles York, the Chief Constable of Sussex Police, “We’re making our roads safer, not only by taking dangerous cars off but finding the criminals who are using the roads as well. That’s been possible through having this mobile data.”

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Digital policing for Surrey Police & Sussex Police - an O2 customer story