Derbyshire Constabulary

Helping police forces spend more time in the community.

Advanced technology helps officers protect the public.

Derbyshire Constabulary uses O2 mobile technology to help officers engage with the public where they're most needed. Derbyshire Constabulary is facing budget challenges and a demand for greater efficiency. Technology has helped them improve officers’ effectiveness on the beat.


Seamless migration, integrated technology

O2 has provided officers with smartphones and specialised software. This tech enables them to process caseloads on the streets without returning to a station. It saves time and reduces the duplication of taking notes to add to the system later. Ultimately, it allows officers to spend more time in the community, serving and protecting the public.

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Key benefits

Digital policing

Greater efficiency and more visible policing due to time saved by less paperwork and easy access to information while in the field.

Immediate information

Significant reduction in calls to dispatch for information allows for faster and more discreet access to info.

Connect anywhere

Less need for officers to return to the police station throughout a shift to access, update or input information saves them approximately two hours every shift.

Quick collaboration

Enables collaboration on cases as needed; reducing errors, and expediting the reporting processes.

Digital policing for Surrey Police & Sussex Police

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