Advanced telematics with O2 Smart Vehicle

Track your fleet, analyse vehicle diagnostics and boost safety and efficiency

Crime busting with real-time vehicle tracking

An O2 Smart Vehicle enabled quick police response to a car theft.

When an O2 car was stolen, Virgin Media O2’s UK Regional Drive Team Lead, Hailey Webster, knew about it almost immediately. The car’s driver called it in, and Hailey was able to track its whereabouts using the O2 Smart Vehicle online platform, which showed the vehicle’s movements in real-time.

Hailey was able to direct the police as they chased the thief, locating the car within 15 minutes of it being reported stolen. Unfortunately, they missed the thief by a few seconds.

Security is just one aspect of an O2 Smart Vehicle. The comprehensive telematics solution is powered by Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation, and allows organisations to track and maintain optimum usage for all the vehicles in a fleet. 

A simple box is fitted to each vehicle. All vehicles are then tracked and analysed to provide the fleet manager with metrics and insights to make faster and more informed decisions. Alerts can be created for everything, from long idling times to immediate notifications of possible collisions. The built-in data analytics can be used to assess total cost of ownership and to support decisions on vehicle use and fuel emissions, as well as helping to assess the impact of moving to electric, including tracking reduced emissions.

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Key benefits

Broad client base

The O2 Smart Vehicle is already used across a range of sectors including the police, logistics and the construction industry.

Easy to fit

The small vehicle tracking device can be plugged into petrol, diesel or electric vehicles’ OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) port or via an adaptor and are connected via the Virgin Media O2 network.

Eco-friendly partner

We’ve set ourselves ambitious sustainability targets like achieving carbon net zero by 2025 – and we’re the only UK operator with the highest Carbon Trust standard.

Real-time data and analysis

The online platform provides a wealth of real-time data as well as built-in analytics including fuel consumption, driver behaviour, engine diagnostics, vehicle maintenance and accidents, to optimise the use of a fleet. It can be used directly or streamed into an existing system via API.

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"O2 Smart Vehicle meant I could track the car thief in real time and give directions to the police. I could hear the sirens – it was like being in a TV show. Our cars, and all the expensive equipment in them, are very important to the service we provide for our customers. It was great that we were able to get this one back so quickly so we could avoid disruption to our service.”

Hailey Webster
UK Regional Drive Team Lead, Virgin Media O2

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