New transport models helping to achieve net zero by 2050

O2 Motion’s anonymised travel data is helping to assess decarbonisation strategies in North East England

Combining transport and emissions models

O2 Motion data is key to understanding travel demand patterns and their effect on road freight carbon emissions.

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Key benefits

Gain an overview of travel demands and journeys

Gives a clear picture of travel demand and how journeys are made in the North East

Get a clear picture of road freight emissions

Ability to create activity-based models in combination with emissions modelling to enable a unique understanding of road freight emissions

Calculate minute-by-minute emissions

Minute-by-minute emissions can be calculated from traffic flows associated to specific freight corridors derived from the activity-based model, powered by MND 

Assess interventions to reduce emissions

Assessment of a range of key interventions to reduce emissions (inc delivery van electrification, bundling deliveries at consolidation centres and lighter delivery vehicles such as e-cargo bikes) 

A little bit more info

"O2‘s transport data delivers a critical understanding of transport patterns across rural and urban areas which help the team at Connected Places Catapult build complex simulations of travel behaviour"

Andrew Gillham
Business Development Director, O2 Motion 

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