A shared vision

As a key technology partner, we’re helping McDonald’s make their restaurant experience better for both their staff and customers.

The challenge

McDonald’s had ambitious plans to expand its services using digital technology across all of its 1300 restaurants in the UK and Ireland. To make this possible it needed a robust, high-performing network that was consistent in all of its locations.

Key transformations include the ability for staff to communicate with each other quickly and reliably, and sophisticated online training modules are now accessible from every restaurant.

Food safety checks are now more reliable thanks to connected iPads provided by us, which directly inputs key data such as food temperatures.

Customers are guaranteed good connection when ordering via the McDonald’s app while visiting a drive-thru restaurant. Analytics and artificial intelligence can now be applied to orders in real-time, helping to predict choices, improve customer experience and improve selling suggestions.

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Key benefits

Higher productivity

Faster connections mean staff devices work more efficiently and tasks can be completed quicker.

Food safety checks

Connected iPads allow digital food safety checks to be carried out more accurately.

Increased personalisation and customer loyalty

Analytics helps McDonald’s understand customer needs and improves meal suggestions.

Improved customer service

Fast connections allow drive thru customers to order via the McDonald’s app and receive an enhanced service.

O2: McDonald’s customer story

A Shared Vision

A little bit more info

“We wanted a partner with the necessary geographic coverage and a similar attitude to technology, that could grow with us, and had experience in fast-moving retail environments. O2 succeeded on all counts.”

Stefan Beavis, McDonald’s IT Director, UK and Ireland

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