Serving up sweet deliveries with Intelligent Telematics

Mobile-enabled vehicle cameras are helping Krispy Kreme improve doughnut delivery to over 900 locations every day. With near real-time notification of accidents and incidents, insurance premiums are dropping, wear and tear is being reduced and safe driving has been rewarded.

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Crucially, the system uses O2’s mobile network to connect the cameras to Krispy Kreme and claims management partner, sopp+sopp. A web-based dashboard offers near real-time video (typically within five seconds), vehicle location tracking, and acceleration and braking data.

“Using the camera technology and the O2 mobile data platform, we can receive notification of an incident within seconds,” says Aron Sopp, Compliance Manager at sopp+sopp. “We can call the driver, ensure they and any other parties are okay and then capture the information we need to kick-start the claims process straight away.”

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