Finding the numbers to back up the ideas

How our Green Savings Calculator helped Hitachi Capital assess the cost of environmental change and apply the findings to their business

Created specifically for businesses

The Green Savings Calculator is an online tool designed to help businesses assess the true cost of change. We’ve worked with them to feed in hard data such as travel times and methods, working patterns and carbon emission estimates.


As our first client for the calculator, Hitachi Capital’s feedback was crucial in developing the tool as a real-world problem solver. We worked closely with Hitachi during lockdown, providing real world data to test the calculator.

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Key benefits

Development of new, greener working practices

Plans for less travel and more flexible working can lead to a reduction in carbon footprint and an increase in staff wellbeing.

£53 billion

Estimated annual savings for UK companies that could be achieved using the calculator.

Real-world data

We used real data from real-life business situations to develop the best inputs for the calculator that would lead to desirable outcomes.

Sustainability targets

The tool offers figures and costs to support the achievement of sustainability targets for businesses.

A little bit more info

"As businesses seek new ways of working after the pandemic, the Green Savings Calculator can help them get an informed view of the economic impact of change.”  

Lesley Burgess
Client Director, O2

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