A revolution in conference calling

O2 Just Call Me is helping HC-One’s countrywide teams to communicate more, wherever they are.

A better way to keep in touch

With more than 300 care homes around the country, HC-One needed a simple and cost-effective conference calling solution to help its large and geographically spread teams keep in touch.

An easier way to conference call

And that’s exactly what O2 Just Call Me has done: improving communications and helping teams to work better together. It’s quick and easy to set up calls from the Just Call Me app, and attendees simply dial in using the organiser’s usual phone number – no codes, no passwords, and no additional call costs. 

HC-One has been using O2 Just Call Me more and more, and it’s leading to significant cost savings. And employees are communicating more too, because it’s so easy to set up and run.

A superior solution that just works

“When you find a product that makes your working life easier, you just want to use it. That’s been the case with O2 Just Call Me – we certainly wouldn’t want to go back to the way we used to do conference calls.” Julie Payet, IT and Telco Administrator, HC-One

Why O2?