O2 Just Call Me

Hassle-free conference calls on the move

Just use your mobile number for conference calls. No need for dial-in numbers or pin codes.

Business goes up, business goes down. So our rolling contract lets you change your apps every 30 days.

How to buy O2 Just Call Me

The easy way to get everyone together

O2 Just Call Me takes the hassle out of setting up conference calls. Download the app. Set the date and time. Invite people. All they have to do is dial your mobile number to join. Arrange as many conference calls as you need - they're all covered by your monthly fee of £5.

Hassle-free conference calling from your mobile. How O2 Just Call Me works

You're in charge

Only you need the app, no one else. Use it to organise and schedule your calls and set alerts so you always know what's coming up. You can also mute, muffle or remove participants from a call, giving you complete control and security.

Send invites through your calendar

The app syncs with your calendar. Choose your contacts and include calendar@justcallme.o2.co.uk to instantly invite them and set up the call. You can manage more than one call at the same time.

Tap the app to get started

No need for premium rate dial-in numbers or complicated pin codes. Just press the button in the app. Everyone else just rings your mobile number.

Costs and how to get it

£5 a month

Subscribe to O2 Just Call Me via our online shop or contact customer services by phone 0800 028 0202.  The service will be added to your mobile within 48 hours and you’ll be notified by SMS when it’s live. Then download the app from your device's app store – search for 'O2 Just Call Me'. Once it's downloaded, follow the instructions to start using the service.

Works with Apple iOS, Android and Windows devices. There's no limit to the number of people you can include on a conference call.

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