O2 Just Call Me

Hassle-free conference calls on the move

Just use your mobile number for conference calls. No need for dial-in numbers or pin codes.


Now with International low cost dial in and All-hands capability for large audiences.

How to buy O2 Just Call Me

The easy way to get everyone together

Cost-effective conference calls, even on the move. With O2 Just Call Me, you’ll find it’s easy and cost-effective to get people talking, at any time, from any location. People simply dial your mobile number.

Hassle-free conference calling from your mobile. How O2 Just Call Me works

No hidden charges

There’s a small monthly fee for the app, then it’s free to host conferences, no matter how many you organise. Guests are charged at the usual rate for calling your mobile. If your participants are abroad, they can use a local dial-in number in selected countries to reduce the costs.

Easy to access

The O2 Just Call Me app (iOS and Android) helps you organise calls and set alerts so you always know what’s coming. Meanwhile, participants simply dial your mobile number to join the conference. No premium rate numbers, no awkward PINs or passwords to remember.

You’re in charge

See who’s on the line, and use the waiting room to allow people access when you’re ready. You can make or continue other calls at the same time – leaving your guests to continue without you – and re-join a conference when you’re ready. You can mute, muffle or remove participants, giving you complete control and security.

Connect with everyone

You can set up as many conferences as you want, and sync meetings directly with your calendar. There’s no limit to the number of people you can include on a call. So, for
an additional charge, you can use O2 Just Call Me to address large groups, using all hands or town hall-style conferences.

Works on any connection

You don’t need the app to set up or join conferences. If you’re in an area without data or wifi, call 321 to join the conference. Once you’re in, you can access all the usual call control features.

Costs and how to get it

£5 a month

Subscribe to O2 Just Call Me via our online shop or contact customer services by phone 0800 028 0202. The service will be added to your mobile within 48 hours and you’ll be notified by SMS when it’s live. Then download the app from your device's app store – search for 'O2 Just Call Me'. Once it's downloaded, follow the instructions to start using the service.

Works with Apple iOS, Android and Windows devices. There's no limit to the number of people you can include on a conference call.

JCM All-hands

There are additional charges based on the number of participants. Full pricing details are:

Number of Participants Price per month
100 £150
200 £300
500 £750
750 £938
1000 £1250
1250 £1300
1500 £1875
1750 £1750
2000 £2000
3000 £3000
4000 £4000

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