Empowering customers and increasing efficiencies

The challenge

The government's welfare reforms will lead to a greater use of online services when it comes to accessing benefits. However, some Halton Housing Trust customers do not have access to the internet and the reforms could impact on customers' benefits and ulitmately affect over 65% of the Trust’s income.

The solution

Halton Housing Trust chose to partner with O2, who provided 1GB of data and money towards a device for £5 per month, per customer. The Open Digital partnership now gives customers online access to a range of services, such as paying rent, arranging a repair or managing a move.


Customers are more independent and have 24/7/365 access to the Trust. Those who did not have digital access before are also finding they can use their new devices to apply for jobs online and access health information through NHS Choices. It’s also improving their finances, through things like online shopping and using email instead of the phone. And for many, it's providing an opportunity to improve their computer skills. In addition, the Trust benefits through:

  • 35% reduction in incoming calls
  • 30% increase in customers having accessing to digital services
  • Increased efficiencies that have improved support to vulnerable customers and reduced admin time
  • More accurate transaction information, which has improved financial controls

Halton Housing Trust - People not Paperwork