Championing sustainability and flexible working

The Challenge

Carillion was determined to minimise travel for meetings, for financial as well as environmental benefits, while still helping its people to work effectively. The company encourages flexible working and is intent on giving employees all the tools they need to increase productivity and ensure effective collaboration in line with the digital workplace strategy led by Ignacio Llorden, Group CIO. Carillion understood the importance of face-to-face communication and wanted to find a low-cost way for people to still communicate effectively, without the drawbacks of energy-inefficient, costly business travel

The Solution

O2 had already worked on a migration project with Carillion to deploy smartphones across their employee base, so was an existing supplier when Carillion chose to look for a collaboration solution. With a relationship with O2 that openly discussed strategy and innovation, O2 was able to help identify Skype for Business from O2 the right fit for Carillion - initially deploying it to 5,000 employees, with plans to extend to over 9,000 users.


“We’re in the process of cutting down a lot of the travel for meetings which will mean both cost savings and people using their time more productively. It’s easy to set up a call with anyone and there are no hidden costs. It’s simple and straightforward to use but sophisticated in terms of capabilities. People like it.”, Ignacio Llorden, Group CIO, Carillion.