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Blis’ Telco-powered Targeting is empowered by detailed travel and behavioural mobile data.

Optimising advertising spend

Location-powered programmatic advertising partner, Blis, was looking for ways to better target audiences for its clients through mobile advertising. They partnered with us to develop Telco-powered Targeting using our aggregated, anonymised travel data to identify potential audiences by demographics, lifestyles or life stages, including those who’ve shown an interest in particular brands, hobbies or interests.

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Key benefits

34.1 million connections

This includes our O2 customers plus those of giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile and Lycamobile, who all use our network.

On 24/7

Always on and doesn’t require sign-up.

10-12 billion events

Over 10 billion network events held every day.

25% network coverage

Our share of the UK population is expanded to reveal general trends across the country.

A little bit more info

“Detailed, granular audience insight is essential for us to deliver the most effective service for our clients, and O2 Motion is the only company to bring this level of telco behavioural targeting to advertisers in the UK. ”

Charlie Smith
Managing Director Europe, Blis

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Under 10 employees

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public sector