Worldwide 24 Hour Data Bolt On

Worldwide 24 Hour Data Bolt On

Tell your team to keep their data roaming switched on, with our Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On. It’s specially designed for short trips abroad, and gives you up to 200MB data to use over 24 hours for just £7.50 per user, virtually anywhere in the world outside Europe.

Data allowances

Charging begins when you start using data (after 50Kb of usage), and if you travel between different zones, your data allowance travels with you, adjusting as you go.

How much data do you get?

£7.50 200MB for 24 hours (Zone 2 –USA and Canada)
£7.50 100MB for 24 hours (Zone 3 – UAE, Turkey, Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Russia and more)
£7.50 25MB for 24 hours (Zone 4 - Aruba, Botswana, Ghana and more)
£7.50 2MB for 24 hours (Zone 5 – Lebanon, Cambodia, Zimbabwe and many more less travelled destinations)

To keep your bills under control, there's a maximum of 4 Bolt Ons per user per monthly billing cycle.

See the full list of countries and their zones

How it works

Keep data roaming switched on using the settings on your phone. When you travel outside Europe, you'll receive a Bon Voyage message when you arrive. It'll confirm if you have a Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On already set up.

Your confirmation text will let you know how much data you can use in that particular country. But remember, we won't charge you £7.50 until you use more than 50Kb of data. And we’ll send you a message when you’ve used 80% and 95% of your data allowance, so you always know how much you've got left for the rest of your 24 hours.

We'll also text you when you reach 100%, and if you choose to keep using data, your Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On starts all over again.

New capped rates from 1 October

If you're not eligible, or you've opted out from the Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On, new limits on data usage charges abroad will kick in from 1 October.

Cap Standard Cap Heavy user Cap
Spend Limit per month £36* £150*
Data Limit in Europe 250MB 1035MB
Data Limit Outside Europe 6MB 25MB

*excludes VAT

Once you reach your limit, you won't be able to use any more data abroad that month unless you opt out of the cap.