Self help guide for network problems

Struggling to make calls or send texts? Can’t get your mobile data working? Play the video for tips on getting connected.

Still having problems with your signal? Get online with O2 Wifi. We’ve got thousands of free hotspots all over the country for you to use when you're out and about.

Network problems

If you've got a problem with coverage in your area, you can use the live status checker to see if there’s a network issue. There could be a number of reasons for problems with the network, including planned maintenance, bad weather or vandalism.

You can also download and use our My Network app (if you have an iPhone or Android) to check the coverage and tell us about any problems.

Occasionally your phone might pick up a faulty connection in the network, which might impact the voice quality. If this happens, just hang up, and re-dial.

If there isn't a network problem, or you continue to have a faulty connection, contact us so we can look into it.

Signal problems

Sometimes when you're talking and on the move, your phone switches between masts. This generally happens smoothly, but every now and then the call gets disconnected. When you call back you'll be connected to the mast that's in your range and the signal will be working again.

If this happens when you’re not moving, it usually means the phone is on the edge of a coverage area or the problem is at the other end.

Different phones have different size and shape antennas, so it's possible that two phones may show different levels of signal, even if they're on the same network. If someone is on a different network, their network might be using a mast that is closer than one of ours.

Because mobile phones work using radio signals, sometimes a small change in your position can affect the signal. If you find this is happening a lot, your phone might be faulty and you should contact us.

Straight to voicemail

If the mobile network can’t find your phone to connect an incoming call, it will go straight to voicemail. This can happen when there is a loss of signal or if the mast you’re connected to is congested with other calls.

If the problem continues, check your network and phone settings, to make sure you haven’t got your phone set to divert all calls. Otherwise you should contact us.

Delayed text messages

Sometimes there are more texts being sent than the masts in the area can process, so your messages might take longer than usual to arrive.

This tends to happen if you’re in a crowded place such as an airport or a train station, or if it’s a busy time of year, like Christmas or New Year, when lots of people are trying to send texts at the same time.

If it's happening where or when you think it shouldn't, you can contact us and let us know about the issue.

When you don't have signal for a while, your messages can't be delivered. This means that when you do get signal, they all come through at once.

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