Skype for Business

Collaborate and share information easily

Simplify the way people communicate

Your customers want to get in touch easily and your people want a more flexible approach to work. Skype for Business gives you smarter ways to collaborate.

We’ll help you set up Skype for Business, give you support whenever you need it and integrate it with your existing mobile communications.

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Why choose Skype for Business?

Get smarter, more flexible working

Help your teams to be as productive and efficient as possible, by enabling them to work how they want, with whichever devices and comms they choose.

We’ll provide all the support

We’ll give you all the support you need with Skype for Business, so your IT team can focus on their core activities. We setup, monitor and manage Skype and its integration with your telephony systems.

Keep your business secure

The private cloud environment gives you the data security and flexibility to scale, with none of the hassle of on-site hosting.

Bring your offices closer together

Make the most of the full suite of collaboration tools, from conferencing and instant messaging to file and desktop sharing.

Make more of your Microsoft estate

Make use of all the great capabilities that come with your existing Microsoft estate. There may well be some that you’re already paying for that you could get more value from.

Get a fully-managed implementation

Our dedicated architects, delivery and operational teams have a wealth of experience in both Skype for Business and ICT. So they’ll get you up and running in no time.

What Skype for Business package do you need?

Basic Enhanced
Transition gradually onto the Skype for Business platform. Replace your PBX system with Skype for Business.
Built-in features: Built-in features:
  Peer-to-Peer calling   ✔ Peer-to-Peer calling
  Instant messaging and presence    Instant messaging and presence
  Conferencing and collaboration   ✔ Conferencing and collaboration
  PSTN conference dial-in bridge   ✔ PSTN conference dial-in bridge
    ✔ Full inbound/outbound PSTN

A little bit more info

Take a look at our Skype for Business Product Sheet.

Download our Skype for Business Product Sheet for more detail.