Asavie MODA from O2

Gives you control, compliance, reporting and security

Mobile data management

The amount of mobile malware threatening businesses has risen by over 100% over the past two years1. So protecting your devices and the data on them has never been more critical.

Defend your business against mobile threats, by using Asavie MODA to block access to harmful internet content and control data usage. 


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Why choose Asavie MODA?

Control your data costs

Whether your people are in the UK or roaming, you can control their data usage, based on location, time, groups or individuals. 

Easy to manage

Apply and enforce policies instantly using a cloud-based portal, with detailed real-time reporting to help you monitor usage.

Protect against cyber attacks

Keep your mobile devices safe from malware and phishing attacks. Asavie MODA enhances standard Mobile Device Management solutions. 

Keep your existing devices

Asavie MODA is a device agnostic service, so you can keep using the devices you’ve already got. And it couldn’t be easier to add and remove users.

Choose a tamper-proof solution

Your management policies are applied to the individual SIM. So if a user puts the SIM into another device, your policies will still be in force.

Get advice and support 

Want advice on how to protect your business? Just ask our team of security experts. We’ll make sure you get the security your business needs.

What do you get with Asavie MODA?

With Asavie MODA you can:

  • Manage your mobile data and Wi-Fi usage, and costs
  • Manage the apps/sites accessed on your mobile devices
  • Prevent malware and phishing attacks
  • Create policies for groups as well as individuals
  • Create policies for specific services and connection types
  • Block access to high usage services, such as social media and streaming services
  • Get real-time reporting and insights on data usage
  • Restrict access to potentially dangerous sites

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

Call us at0800 955 5590