Akamai Secure Internet Access Mobile

Take control of your mobile data usage

Manage and protect mobile data usage

Hybrid working and advanced connectivity like 5G means we’re using more data for work on the go. While a mobile workforce has many benefits, keeping control of data usage costs can be challenging.

We can help you manage your employee mobile usage with Secure Internet Access Mobile from Akamai.  

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What are the benefits?

Fully managed service

We manage the platform on your behalf. You don’t have to use internal resources and costs to learn and manage Akamai Secure Internet Access Mobile. We’ll also manage upgrades and any other changes.

Tamper-proof, sim-enabled control

Akamai Secure Internet Access Mobile tracks mobile usage via the sim. If the sim is placed in another device, it will continue to monitor usage. Or, if needed, Akamai Secure Internet Access Mobile will stop the sim from working.

360-degree visibility on data usage

Make decisions on user behaviour. Traffic and monitor data costs with transparent real-time and granular reporting. All are configurable by department, team and more.

Implement new policies 

Cap data usage to control costs. Lock particular social or streaming apps to cut costs and drive productivity. Apply these to different groups and even individuals.

Works across any device

It works across any device for both Android and iOS, so all your corporate devices will be covered. 

Secure and private

Akamai Secure Internet Access Mobile is highly secure. It also protects the data privacy of employees and customers – ticking all the right boxes relating to compliance and HR. 

What do you get?

With Akamai Secure Internet Access Mobile you can:

  • Monitor and control your monthly costs to eliminate bill-shock relating to mobile data usage.
  • Get granular insights into mobile site and app usage to support productivity and compliance.
  • Support data governance and compliance with policies for site and app access to minimise risk.
  • Get up and running with zero disruption to employees while varying policies across your workforce.
  • Onboard employees with no cloud installs and no app downloads, including great support.
  • Avoid any additional resourcing or training by allowing us to manage and deploy the service.

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

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