Cyber Threats Digital Surveillance

Anticipate, detect and respond to digital risks

Digital risk protection

Attacks from cyber criminals and hackers make headline news. So it’s a good idea to proactively consider the impact a cyber attack could have on your business. 

It’s important to be aware of the digital risks to your data and brand reputation, so you can respond and minimise their impacts.

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Proactively manage your risk exposure

Reduce the impact of information leaks

We provide intelligence of information and credentials that have been leaked online so you take action to remove it quickly.

Detect sophisticated attacks 

These attacks include online fraud such as phishing, pharming, malware specifically targeting your business, or suspicious mobile applications using your brand. 

Cover the full threat lifecycle

Ensure early detection and full management of threats, from discovery, monitoring and analysis to remediation through take down of threats detected.

Digital threat awareness

Be aware of malicious activity being planned against your company, personal data of executives found online and unauthorised use of your brand.

Be sure you’re secure

Get an online portal offering a unified control point and central source of information on any threats detected. Your business is protected with continuous monitoring of your digital footprint.

Get a fully managed service

Let your IT teams focus on your core business, while we handle the threat-monitoring 24x7. We provide a nominated analyst to support you directly in using the service.

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You can download our CyberThreats Digital Surveillance product sheet here to find out more

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector