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Keep on top of security risks

Whether your employees are working in or out of the office, a crucial step to securing your network is to gain full visibility of the assets, applications and devices accessing your corporate infrastructure. So that you can enforce security policies and control access to systems and data, to reduce your cyber risk.

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Why choose Network security?

More visibility

With more control and simpler enforcement of security policies, you can reduce your overall security risk by ensuring devices and endpoints comply with your company’s security policy. 

Full coverage

Gain full coverage of risky security vectors, from email to web traffic to malicious files. It provides better decision-making with AI-powered tools that find relevant data in an instant. 

Secure access to apps and cloud

Whatever your teams need, we can provide fully secure access anywhere, to all the internet SaaS and internal apps you need to do your job. 

Right technology at the right time

We’ll help provide ways to connect the right users with the right tech at the right time. And also provide simple and clear, yet bespoke, security protocols for IoT and OT networks. 

Expert support

We’ll help you combine your own in-house resources with our expertise and build up the right security portfolio to protect your organisation, your employees and your brand.

End-to-end security

As a tier one network provider, we know what it takes to securely manage a global network and digital presence. Giving you protection that runs from device to network and on to the cloud.

Network security solutions

Network visibility & access control

Gives you 100% visibility of every device on your network so you can fix ‘blind spots’ and control all forms of device access.

Email security

Provides multiple layers of protection to stop malware or threats from emails, which still represent 90% of today’s breaches.    

Web security

Provides you with the complete security stack as a cloud service so you can eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional web gateways.

Next generation firewall

Filters your network traffic to protect you from external threats, with more controls and flexibility to evolve than traditional firewalls.

Data x-ray discovery

Addresses critical gaps in data intelligence across all your data environments to open up strategic and operational opportunities.

Secure remote working

Empowers your employees to be as productive and secure when working remotely as in the office, with continuous and secure access to apps for remote and hybrid users.

Secure Access Service Edge

Flips the security model from creating general perimeters around apps to pushing security as close to the users as possible.

Identity Access Management

Controls access to apps and data using Active Directory, Single Sign-On and other access management tools as the business shifts to SaaS.

IoT & OT Security

Safeguards IoT and OT networks, reducing the risks from replacing hardware, software, upgrading to the latest OS and patching.

The need for a proactive approach


Businesses have focused on perimeter defences and guarding known devices, but the traditional approach to cyber security isn’t enough to defend against today’s cyber threats. 


In our cloud-enabled mobile economy, there’s no longer a perimeter to defend. Work takes place in environments that organisations don’t control, on devices they don’t support, and on infrastructures they don’t manage. And as business have shifted more to the cloud, so have cyber attackers. 


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