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Record calls and text messages on any mobile device

Get security and flexibility

Capture calls and texts made and received on any mobile device, regardless of operating system, with Mobile Recording from O2.

Our mobile phone recording solution is easy-to-use and secure. And will keep you compliant, even if you’re overseas.

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Why choose Mobile Recording from O2?

Keep things simple

Users won’t need to log their calls manually or launch an app. Our solution is built with a seamless user experience in mind.

Use any device and operating system

Let your people use whichever devices and operating systems work for them. Our solution will do its job. You can replay calls and texts in an instant.

Keep your information secure

You won’t need to worry about your calls or texts getting into the wrong hands. Delivered via our CAS(T) accredited network, our solution gives you highly secure storage.

Get simple pricing

Want Mobile Phone Recording from O2? No problem – we’ll just add it on to your existing O2 contract. It couldn’t be simpler.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Mobile Recording from O2 Meets BS10008 legal admissibility requirements. And the one-time GDPR announcement cuts the time to give explicit consent for data use.

Get set up quickly

Be up and running within 48 hours. Never miss a compliance deadline.

Mobile Recording from O2

A compliant, seamless and secure way to record mobile calls and SMS messages.

The benefits of Mobile Recording from O2

✔  Stores calls and texts for as long as you like.

✔  Meets BS10008 legal admissibility requirements.

✔  Uses an O2 network-based sim – on any device and any operating system.

✔  Has a one-time GDPR announcement feature.

✔  Is future proofed – choose a cloud-hosted, on-site or hybrid solution.

✔  Gives you one easy-to-use portal, a simple Bolt On and straightforward billing.


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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

A little bit more info

Take a look at our Mobile Recording product overview

You can download our product overview here

Find out more about meeting compliance requirements with our Mobile Recording from O2 whitepaper

Take a look at our whitepaper here 

See what our customers say

“We make an awful lot of telephone calls, and we love that simplicity of being able to easily find the recordings that we need, which offers huge peace of mind.”

David Bunce, InnovateHMG