O2 Smart Connect

Get the visibility and control you need to connect and manage your IoT devices

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Your complete IoT connectivity answer

Need a proven connectivity platform at the heart of your complex IoT solution? Or simply managing a handful of remote connections? O2 Smart Connect makes it fast and easy to achieve the results you want. 

A choice of standard plugin, micro, nano, solderable (VQFN8 embedded) and industrial high-temperature plugin SIMs means you’ll quickly find the ideal SIM for any device and environment.

The O2 Smart Connect management platforms give you effortless transparency and control. It’s easy to activate, deactivate and suspend devices in the field. While remote diagnostics and alerts help you maintain peak performance. 

Access to all UK networks (if required) plus over 600 roaming agreements worldwide makes it easy to scale. So you can seize new opportunities. 


Make life easy with O2 Smart Connect Express

Simplified inventory management Better lifecycle management Cost control
Improve efficiency with easy access to all your IoT asset data in one place, improving the quality of your IoT services and simplifying management.      Work more flexibly with the ability to make immediate changes to SIMs. Take control with visibility of your month-to-date usage, reducing the risk of additional charges. Billing doesn’t start until a SIM is activated. So you can hold a stock of tested SIM-ready products at no cost to your business, reducing overheads and improving customer satisfaction.. 
Online invoice data-at-a-glance Smart rules-based toolsets with alerting Powerful diagnosis tools
Manage your budgets effectively by checking invoices online. Use inbuilt analytics to make informed decisions and to ensure your SIMs are always on the most cost-effective plans.  Automatically change plans to optimise costs. Deactivate SIMs if spend or suspicious activity is identified. Cut operating costs by automating operational processes.   Use real-time diagnostics to cut support costs while improving service quality and your customers’ experiences.


Connecting your world


For added assurance, O2 IoT is linked to Telefonica’s global network through the O2 Smart Connect Platform. As well as international roaming, you can easily include UK resilient roaming. So your devices automatically connect to other UK networks if the O2 network is unavailable.


API access makes it straightforward to integrate O2 Smart Connect into your existing management processes and systems.

The heart of your IoT solution


O2 Smart Connect is the ideal connectivity management hub for a wide range of specific or tailored IoT solutions. 


In fact, if you’re managing an end-to-end IoT solution and need to be able to perform first line support for end users, you’ll find the built-in diagnostics and management tools help you quickly identify and resolve service issues.