Wifi at McDonald's

Fast, easy wifi for customers

The Challenge

McDonald's is one of the world's best-known brands. So when it introduced free wifi for the millions of customers it serves every day, it needed a service – and the underlying WAN to support it – that would match the customer experience that is known from Benson to Beijing.

The O2 Solution

An easy-to-use public wifi service, backed by a managed solution to support a 365-days-a-year business – from the data centre, through the WAN, out to the restaurants and ultimately to the customer. O2 Wifi for 1200 restaurants underpinned by a resilient managed infrastructure, with redundancy and helpdesk services. A seamless migration, completed in 90 days, delivering a safe public wifi service that makes it free and easy to connect, even for customers who are not on O2.

"O2 Wifi has given us the flexibility and strong foundation we need to deliver the kind of wifi service customers expect from McDonald's." Doug Baker, IT Services Manager, McDonald's.

McDonald's partner with O2 Wifi - for a fast, easy, reliable service