A partnership to make life-changing technology accessible and affordable

The Challenge

Almost two million people in the UK are affected by sight loss. From deteriorating sight due to age, illness or accidents, through to those born without sight, RNIB provides a point of help, support and relief for every one of them. Traditionally, both adults and children looking to access books and newspapers would need a customised desktop PC or specialised large print or braille books. New technology has changed that.

The Solution

With O2, RNIB has been able to supply its customers with devices and software that enables access to a world of content with their solutions: RNIB In Your Pocket and RNIB Bookshare.


"It makes technology accessible. It makes it less scary for those who use technology and those who never have had the courage to before. O2 and RNIB are working together to ensure that this technology is there for anyone who needs it, and is accessible at an affordable price." Claire, Product Manager - Literacy and Braille literacy, RNIB

O2 and RNIB