A services organisation centred on improving customer responsiveness

The Challenge

As an organisation that manages the everyday running of its customers' premises, ISS must respond quickly and accurately to their changing needs.

The Solution

ISS has been an O2 customer since 2010, at first just for mobile phones. Now, O2 is a trusted partner, providing ISS with fixed voice services, fleet management, Mobile Device Management (MDM) services, Managed WAN, workforce automation, app services and over 7000 devices.

Will Cohen says "O2 put forward an MDM solution for around 5,000 devices. This allows us to have better control over the full estate of devices. We can deliver updates efficiently without having to arrange to go and see someone to make changes. We have better control and better security and it's made the user experience significantly better."

"Another example would be the technology that O2 has given us for our engineering fleet service, using O2's workforce automation platform. It's absolutely at the centre of our ability to deliver what the customer wants. Our engineers love it. It gave us the ability to upgrade all their handsets and provides email access, app access and the tools they need such as job scheduling, optimising routes and stock control."


  • Mobile device management for 5,000 devices
  • Workforce automation platform for engineering team
  • Ability to provide remote access to job scheduling, route optimisation and stock control
  • Partnership approach with O2 covering technology and innovation, supporting ISS's transformation vision

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