Providing higher quality thanks to greater control

Housing & Care 21 works with O2 to manage its bills, hardware and accounts via a single online source, making it easy to control resources and costs.

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Delivering the best possible care for the money

As a not-for-profit organisation that aims to manage 19,000 retirement and extra care apartments across England and provide top-quality care for elderly residents, Housing & Care 21 must maintain tight control of overheads like mobile phone spend.

Simplifying mobile, fixed and broadband management

My O2 Business gives Housing & Care 21 everything they need to manage their mobile estate in real time, from hardware to tariffs to billing– all in one secure, easy-to-access place.

Account administrators can now get essential details about each device and its associated costs, monitoring every connection to see who’s using a given device at any time – and how they’re using it. Plus, the O2 support team is always a single phone call or email away. So Housing & Care 21 can manage spend and resources, which helps keep costs under control and enables staff to provide more rewarding care experiences.

Creating a support network for care staff

“We’re empowering our locally based managers, providing them with the right infrastructure so they can do their jobs better, and our residents tell us that they really value that local service and support.” Bruce Moore, Chief Executive, Housing & Care 21

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