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What this means for you

While this is a big moment for us, we want to reassure you that your service will carry on as normal. We’ll be in touch again when there are important updates. Read our FAQs to find out more.


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Small business

What can I get now Virgin Media and O2 have come together?

When you're with both Virgin Media for business broadband and O2 Business for mobile, the services we bring you will be supercharged with Volt. You'll ignite seamless connectivity with 4G start up and 4G back-up for your broadband, and double O2 mobile data, on us.

Ready to supercharge your business with Volt? Call us on 0800 052 5769 or request a call back 

How do I become eligible for Volt?

To unlock your exclusive Volt benefits, you need to have Virgin Media Business Broadband and an O2 Business Small Biz mobile contract. Once you have both, you'll be eligible for the exclusive Volt benefits.

To activate them, Call us on 0800 052 5769 or request a call back

Do I get exclusive Volt benefits when I join both Virgin Media and O2 Business?

Yes, when you buy Virgin Media Business Broadband together with an O2 Business mobile you will be able to get these exclusive Volt benefits:

  • 4G back-up for Voom Broadband 
  • 4G start-up for Voom Broadband
  • Double mobile data

What are 4G start-up and 4G back-up?

You can find more details on 4G start-up and 4G back-up here Click here to find out more information about 4G Start-up and Back-up

How do I unlock exclusive Volt benefits for my business?

If you are new to both Virgin Media and O2 Business please call our dedicated team on 0800 028 0202 who will help you unlock your exclusive Volt benefits.

What products do I need to unlock these benefits?

Eligible O2 Small Biz products:

  • O2 Small Biz Handsets on 24/36 month contact - 6GB, 20GB, 70GB, Unlimited
  • O2 Small Biz SIMO on 12/24 month contract - 6GB, 20GB, 70GB, 100GB, Unlimited
  • O2 Small Biz Data Only Hardware on 24/36 month contract - 10GB, 30GB, 150GB
  • O2 Small Biz MBB SIMO (for MiFi/ Dongle) - 10GB, 30GB, 150GB 

Eligible Virgin Media Voom Business Broadband (solus or bundle) on a 24 month contract:

  • Voom Fibre 1 
  • Voom Fibre 2
  • Voom Fibre 3
  • Voom 500

How long will Volt benefits be available?

Our exclusive Volt benefits will be available from 18 October 2021. There's no end date, but both Virgin Media and O2 reserve the right to change or withdraw the offer.

What happens to my benefits if I leave O2 or Virgin Media?

If you choose to leave O2 by requesting a PAC or STAC, you'll lose access to your double mobile data benefit. However, you'll keep your 4G back-up for your Virgin Media Business Broadband. Likewise, if you choose to leave Virgin Media, you'll still keep your increased mobile data allowance from O2. 

How will my Volt benefits appear on my bills?

Once you've applied your benefits, on your O2 bill you'll see Mobile Data Boost under Services, and your increased data allowance. On your Virgin Media Business bill you will see 'Volt business discount' alongside 4G back-up and/or 4G start up.

Large business or public sector

I have an O2 business account manager. Will the way my account is managed change?

This won’t change and you’ll continue to be fully supported by your current account manager, however if you’d like to find out more about Virgin Media products or services, your account manager will be able to help.

I have business services from both O2 and Virgin Media. Will my products and services be combined? And, can I get a better deal?

No – your O2 and Virgin Media business products and services will remain exactly as they are. You will continue to be billed separately.

Your existing O2 deal and existing Virgin Media deal won’t change. But you may like to know that we’re looking at what we can offer joint business customers in the future. You can register your interest here or speak to your account manager.