Business Landline

Calls, landlines and digital lines to suit your business

Take the hassle out of switching

We’ll take the pain out of switching. And work to save you as much as possible.

We know your calls and fixed lines are vital for your business. With business landline, we can give you calls, landlines or digital lines for even better quality voice calls. Or all three. And backed by our award-winning customer service.

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Under 10 employees

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10+ employees, Enterprise and Public Sector

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Why choose Business Landline?

No need to move your lines

You don’t have to have your lines with us. We can still offer you competitive outgoing call services and manage the whole process for you. With a single point of contact.

Line options to suit your business

Choose from standard or ISDN business landlines. We’ll help you find the best approach for you.

Easy to manage your calls

Get services like 1471 and three-way calling. And depending on your line type, we’ve got more to choose from, including call diversion, call waiting and remote call forwarding.

Look into the future

Need help managing and optimising your whole comms infrastructure – mobile and fixed? With ISDN being phased out by 2025, we’ll provide the support and direction you need.

MediaFleet and O2

Watch to see how Mediafleet is benefitting from getting both mobiles and business landlines from us.


“Employees didn’t even notice the switch to O2 Business Landline...(and) we’re saving about £500 a month…with one bill and one point of contact.”


Georgina Pulo, Sales Executive, Mediafleet

Which Business Landline package is right for you?


Single Analogue Multiline Analogue ISDN2e ISDN30
One standard line used mainly for calls and broadband. Several standard lines, so you can take more calls at the same time on the same number. One digital line that lets you to do two things at once: making calls, watching video, using data, or faxing. Add further ISDN2e connections for high bandwidth internet. You can have one or more numbers. Does everything ISDN2e does, but for eight to 30 channels at once - which means you can do up to 30 things at the same time.
O2 Business mobile customer?
£11.50 per month

£15.50 per month to include 500 minutes of calls to O2 mobiles each month
O2 Business mobile customer?
£13.00 per month per line(2-4 lines)

£12.75 per month per line (5+ lines)
£11.00 for each channel
£14.00 for each channel
Not an O2 Business mobile customer?
£14.50 per month
Not an O2 Business mobile customer? 
£14.50 per month


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Take a look at our Business Landline price list.

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