Fixed networks

A single solution for your fixed communications

Everything you need to stay connected

Our fixed network is relied upon by many enterprise organisations. We offer all the fixed services that you need to stay connected, including:

  • Managed WAN
  • Managed LAN
  • Business Broadband
  • Private Mobile Data Link
  • Virtual Private networks (VPN)
  • High Speed Internet
  • Meraki WLAN - get a FREE Meraki WLAN access point when you attend one of Cisco’s expert webinars. Register now

But it's the way that we deliver these services that's different.

O2 Gateway is the UK's first truly integrated network. It brings our fixed network together with mobile and wifi to create a single network. You'll get secure access to multiple services with only a single connection at each site. And because it's managed end-to-end by O2, you have a single contract with a single provider. Freeing you up to spend more time on your business, and less on admin.

Find out how O2 Gateway can help your organisation to become more agile.

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