O2 Boostbox

Boost your O2 coverage at work, or in your home office

The simple way to a better signal

Don’t let signal strength or a busy network stop you from using your O2 mobile. Boostbox is a small, low-powered cell that plugs into your broadband, giving you your very own voice and data coverage.

It’s perfect in buildings where there’s little or no reception. And it just needs a broadband connection to work.

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Why choose O2 Boostbox?

Indoor and outdoor coverage

O2 Boostbox extends your coverage for an area of up to 100 metres, indoors and out. So even thick walls or high demand won’t stop you getting a great network experience.

No extra charges

Use your O2 phone however you like, with no extra charges for using O2 Boostbox.

Easy to install

It couldn’t be easier to set up. Just plug in O2 Boostbox and away you go. You’ll just need a broadband connection.

You’re in control

O2 Boostbox works with all 4G and 3G mobiles on O2. You choose which mobile numbers are allowed to connect.

Works for larger offices

You can add up to 32 different phone numbers to an O2 Boostbox. And four phones can use it at the same time. Need more? Just add another O2 Boostbox.

Simple to add to your current set-up

There’s no need to change your devices or download any new apps. O2 Boostbox works seamlessly with the tools you’ve already got.

Pick your O2 Boostbox package


For home or small offices

For larger offices

  ✔   Up to 25m range
  ✔   For larger offices
  ✔   Your broadband must have an upload speed of at least 300Kbps (0.3Mbps) and a download speed of at least 2Mpbs
  ✔   Your broadband must have an upload speed of at least 300Kbps (0.3Mbps) and a download speed of at least 2Mpbs



£103 per O2 Boostbox

£291 per O2 Boostbox


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“I plugged in my Boostbox last night and hey presto – a full O2 signal in my home for the first time in 14 years. Thanks very much. I can’t recommend this solution enough.”

Mark Baird
Head of Industry Affairs and Alcohol Policy, Diageo GB

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