The Sarnie Business

Two entrepreneurs, two weeks, one big small business challenge.

Real people. Crazy situations. What could go wrong?

Lauren and Scott are a couple of young, ambitious entrepreneurs, keen to get started in a new venture that puts them in control. O2 Business gave them £500 and a chance to launch The Sarnie Business, selling sandwiches to busy London workers.

But business can go up or down in the time it takes to make a BLT – they’ve got two weeks to make a go of it, with a basketload of wind-ups and cock-ups in-between. Will they be sarnie superheroes – or lunchtime losers? Watch the videos to see how they get on.

1.The Sarnie bootcamp

Lauren and Scott learn the ropes – is there more to this Sarnie Business than meets the eye?

The Sarnie bootcamp

2.The birds and the bikes

Our entrepreneurs brave the London traffic delivering sarnies on bikes – and get a very rare surprise.

3.The winds of change

The dynamic duo has a sandwich stall – but there’s no predicting the weather. Or the locals.

4.A sarnie slip-up

A collision of stray fruit and a personal injury lawyer could have disastrous consequences for the Sarnie Business’s new shop.

5. A visit from the King

When the face of Elvis is found on a panini, there’s only one way to take care of business.

Why O2?

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