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Introducing Windows 10

New doesn't have to be different. Windows 10 has all the easy to use features you're used to, including a familiar Start menu. It's designed to work with the software and hardware you've already got, and has even more security to keep you safe. And it's free and easy to upgrade to.

Why Windows Phone?

It's fast and simple, and you'll get the best of Microsoft, including Office Mobile, Xbox Live, Bing and Skype, all built-in and ready to use.

Achieve more

Windows is now even more productive. Windows 10 uses Microsoft Edge, which lets you make notes directly onto web pages, which you can share with your friends, family and colleagues. And with better multitasking, you can have up to four things running on your screen at once. You can even get to your files and documents on all your devices, so you can work on the move.

Be more flexible

You can shop for apps, music, games and more at the Windows Store, and access the content across all of your devices. It comes with built-in apps like Maps, Photos and Mail & Calendar, which you can use seamlessly on your Windows smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Take it personally

Windows Phone comes complete with Cortana, your very own personal assistant. Cortana learns your habits, likes and dislikes over time, to become more personal and useful to you. You can interact with your device the way you want to – touch, type, write or even speak. Ask Cortana to set a reminder, send an email, or set up a chat with your friends and family on Skype.

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