Creating sustainable business 

Working with our customers to deliver now and in the future.

Our Blueprint

Our Blueprint’s ambition is to help 20 million people live better with tech by 2020. We’re getting behind causes that count; the kind that make every day better for people in our communities.


Our strategy is to create digital products and services that help our customers grow. To enable organisations to help society as a whole, and improve the lives not only who they serve but also for their employees. Putting mobility at the heart of what we do. So you can grow with confidence. Create more opportunities. And embrace new solutions. Now and in the future.


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Helping our customers

By exploiting the potential that mobile has to offer and defining more ways in which people and businesses can take advantage of the mobile-powered world, we help our customers get the most from tech.


Our services increase competitiveness, build customer engagement and increase productivity, by finding smarter ways to work. 


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How we’re running our business responsibly

O2 Recycle: allows trade-in of old phones and electronic gadgets for cash or other incentives. Each processed for re-use or recycling, or stripped down for responsible disposal. Landfill is not an

Eco rating: we're the first UK mobile network to label our phones with a simple score for their environmental and ethical performance. Customers can make an informed decision on the products they b

We separate the cost of phone and airtime. There are environmental benefits too. Customers can upgrade early and recycle their old handset for cash or keep it, saving money and resources.

Paperless billing: we were printing over 139 million sheets of paper every year. Cutting that figure makes business and environmental sense. So we're phasing out paper bills.

Go Think Big: we’re working with young people to develop their skills and experience to help them get a foot on the career ladder.

Our NSPCC partnership has driven nearly 5 million actions to keep kids safe online. And provides help and advice on topics such as cyberbullying. 

Innovation and insight

The digital revolution is re-shaping the way we live, work and interact.

As a digital provider and an acknowledged sustainability leader, we have an opportunity to contribute to the future through our ability to help with change.

In 2018, we launched 5G testbeds to show how our investment will bring more data, faster connectivity and meaningful use of IoT, VR and AR. Supporting productivity savings of £6 billion/year and enabling digital inclusion for all. 

With Wayra UK, our world-leading tech accelerator, part of Telefónica Open Future, the global corporate entrepreneurship network, we’re helping startups accelerate technology and innovation. Designing mobility solutions to support further sustainability.  
Other examples include the work with our peers to extend the reach of our Eco Rating initiative, and more than 40 partners to launch our Go Think Big portal that's provided thousands of work experience opportunities to young people. And our flagship partnership with the NSPCC to help families stay safe online.

These results are only achieved by great relationships and the power of partnership. It's a collaborative journey with hundreds of customers, agencies, charities, business partners, suppliers and peers who have joined us along the way.