Virgin Media and O2 have joined forces


What this means for you

Virgin Media and O2 have come together. Don’t worry, this doesn’t affect your O2 account right now, and you don’t need to do a thing. We’ll send you any need-to-know updates in the future. Read our FAQs to find out more.

We've also updated the O2 privacy policy and the Virgin Media privacy policy so you know how we'll use your information.

Read our FAQs

Will this impact the customer service I get from O2?

No, we’ll still bring you the same level of customer service you expect from O2.

Are you changing your company name or will both names still exist?

For now, both O2 and Virgin Media will continue to exist separately, as well as together.

Will this mean my O2 contract will change?

No, your contract won’t change.

Will my bills or Direct Debits change?

No, your bills and Direct Debits will stay exactly how they are and will continue to come from O2.

Will my O2 network signal be disrupted?

Not at all. Your signal won’t be affected, you will have the same network experience you normally have on O2. If you ever have any issues, use our network status checker.

Does this change how I make queries about my O2 account?

No, nothing changes. We'll continue to provide customer service for everyone on O2 through the normal channels on our website, call centres and stores.

Will O2 be sharing my personal data with Virgin Media, and will that mean they can now contact me?

Yes, we'll need to share some information so that we can work as one. But it'll still be us, O2, looking after your data the same way we always have, in line with our Privacy Policy.
You can also see Virgin Media’s Privacy Policy. 
We have more information in our Data Hub FAQs here.

If you’ve opted out of receiving marketing messages you won't hear anything. 

Does this change how I make queries about my Virgin Media account or report a fault?

No, nothing changes. Virgin Media will continue to provide customer service for your Virgin Media service. Contact Virgin Media directly on 0345 454 1111 or 150 from your Virgin Media Landline.

I’m on O2 and already on Virgin Media, can you give me a better deal now?

Everything remains the same for now, so your existing O2 deal and existing Virgin Media deal won’t change. But you may like to know that we’re looking at what we can offer joint customers in the future.

Can I buy Virgin Media products from O2?

No, nothing changes for now. You'll need to go through Virgin Media to buy their products. 

Can Virgin Media customers get help on Virgin Media products/services in an O2 store?

No nothing changes for now, O2 stores only offer support on O2 products and services. Virgin Media customers will need to go directly to Virgin Media for any queries on their products and services. They should contact Virgin Media the same way they normally would.

I've received a text/email from O2 announcing the joint venture. How do I know it's legitimate?

Our email and text announcing the joint venture will not include a link to sign in to your O2 account. We'll never call, text or email you and ask for a one-time code, password, or other security information you’ve set up on your O2 account. If you receive something suspsicious, see our advice here.

Will this change how O2's Pay As You Go works?

No, there'll be no immediate changes to our Pay As You Go service. For now, your rates and the way you manage your account will stay the same.