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Reconditioned Handsets Terms & Conditions

In addition to standard O2 Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go airtime terms, the terms below also apply to reconditioned handsets purchased from the O2 Online shop.

What to expect

A reconditioned handset is a used handset that has been restored to its original state. If any parts were faulty or damaged, we have repaired or replaced them prior to the handsets being fully tested and inspected.

What's in the box

All reconditioned handsets are packaged with a battery and a USB charger. 

Subject to availability and the technical specifications of your handset you may also receive additional items, but this cannot be guaranteed.

For sanitary reasons you will not receive a personal hands free kit.

'Sometimes our reconditioned handsets will come with a charger or a USB cable, but usually no software, data cables or other accessories are included.

What to do if your reconditioned handset is faulty

Please see our standard Airtime contract terms and conditions.

Your statutory rights remain unaffected.