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Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions for iPhone Tariffs with Unlimited Music and Inclusive O2 Travel  

Notice: Pursuant to clause 3 these terms and conditions are terminated, effective from 25 May 2017. Tariffs that are still eligible for the inclusive music streaming and / or inclusive O2 Travel should refer to terms here /termsandconditions/mobile/music-streaming-inclusive-on-selected-tariffs-terms-and-conditions and here /termsandconditions/mobile/o2-travel-inclusive-on-selected-tariffs-terms-and-conditions respectively.

  1. The travel offer and music streaming offer  is open to UK residents who purchase an Eligible Handset on O2 Refresh from 9th September 2016.
  2. These terms and conditions together with the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement, the O2 Travel Terms govern your use of the Mobile Service, the travel offer and the music streaming offer.
  3. We may terminate these terms and conditions in respect of either the Travel Offer or the Music Streaming Offer or both and the offer will be removed from being included in the tariff.  Customers who have already signed up to a tariff with the travel offer and the music offer included will continue to receive the inclusive service until the Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement is upgraded.

Inclusive O2 Travel Europe 

  1. Customers who purchase a 5GB or above tariff ("Travel Eligible Tariff") with an iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus ("Eligible Handset") from 9th September will receive international roaming to European O2 Travel Destinations for no extra cost.
  2. By Purchasing an Eligible Handset on a Travel Eligible Tariff You will be automatically opted in to O2 Travel for all O2 Travel Destinations.
  3. For the list of European O2 Travel Destinations please see /termsandconditions/mobile/o2travel-paymonthly-terms-and-conditions.  Where a Customer uses data, makes a voice call or sends a message in any Non-Europe Destination then the applicable daily rate will apply. 
  4. Where You use voice, SMS or data in a European O2 Travel Destination then provided your usage is as per the O2 Travel terms and conditions for European Destinations then no further charges will apply.  Where Your usage is more than the inclusive voice minutes and SMS then the standard international roaming charges for the country You are in will apply.
  5. If You wish to remove O2 Travel for Non Europe Destinations then You must opt out  by ringing customer services, opting out on myO2 or texting the short code detailed in your Bon Voyage message.  This will also remove O2 Travel for European O2 Travel Destinations and where You use your Service in an European O2 Europe Destination then standard roaming rates will apply.
  6. Where You have opted out under clause 8 above and during your Minimum Term migrate to another tariff which includes the travel offer then You must opt-out of O2 Travel by using one of the methods set out in Clause 8. If you do not remove O2 Travel from your account.

Music Streaming

  1. Customers who purchase a 30GB or 50GB air-time tariff ("Music Eligible Tariff") with an Eligible Handset include an additional 40GB data allowance in addition to the standard data allowance ("Music Allowance") to enable them to stream streaming from the following music streaming services ("Streaming Services"):
    1. Spotify
    2. SoundCloud
    3. ITunes
    4. Apple Music
    5. Deezer
  2. The Music Offer does not include the cost of any subscription which is payable in respect of the Streaming Service and such subscription where applicable shall be paid by You to the Streaming Service provider in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to such Streaming Service.  O2 makes not representation or warranty about the Streaming Service, its availability or quality and O2 will not be liable to You for any failure in the provision of the Streaming Service.
  3. Data used for Music Streaming will be taken from the Music Allowance and not the Standard Data Allowance.  Access to the Music App will be taken from Your Standard Data Allowance.  Where You have reached your Standard Data Allowance you will not be able to open the Music App to commence Music Streaming even if you have sufficient Music Streaming Data Allowance unless you connect to a Wifi network or purchase additional Data Bolt Ons.
  4. Where Music streaming whilst roaming is not including in the Music Allowance and additional data charges will apply for any music streaming whilst roaming.


  1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.