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Terms & conditions

Data Roaming Caps for Business Customers from 27 November 2014

  1. These terms apply to O2 business customers who have data caps applied to their account for Europe and, or, the rest of the world.
  2. All prices stated are exclusive of VAT, unless stated otherwise.
  3. There are two spend caps available. These are set at £33.34 and £100. You can choose which cap to select based on your usage needs. Unless you tell us otherwise we will set your default cap to £33.34.
  4. The £33.34 spend cap gives you up to 210MB of data in Europe or up to 50MB of data in the rest of the world, per billing month.
  5. The £100.00 spend cap gives you up to 630MB in Europe or up to 200MB in the rest of the world, per billing month.
  6. If you inform us that you don’t want a data cap to be applied to your tariff we will remove any cap and you will be charged at standard roaming rates.
  7. Standard roaming rates are charged at 16.5p per MB in Europe and £6 per MB in the rest of the world.
  8. If you have an existing Data Abroad bundle, the £33.34 spend cap will automatically be applied once the bundle limit on your Data Abroad tariff has been reached.
  9. If you have reached the volume limit for the spend cap applicable to you, you will not be able to continue roaming unless you call Customer Service on 8002 from your O2 mobile.
  10. If you wish to move between spending caps you must contact Customer Service. You can move from the £33.34 option to the £100.00 option at any time, but can only move back from the £100.00 to the £33.34 option at the end of the monthly billing period.
  11. It may take up to 24 hours to make changes to your tariff option.
  12. You will receive automatic usage alerts by text message when you use data abroad. The alerts will be sent when you first start using data, at 80% of the spend cap limit and when the limit is reached. If you are on an uncapped data tariff then no alerts will be sent to you.
  13. If you change the spend cap you are using, it may take up to 24 hours for the usage alerts to show this. The usage alerts are a free service to help you manage your data usage. O2 does not accept responsibility for notifications which are not received for any reason. You are responsible for how much data you use.
  14. Unused allowances cannot be carried over into subsequent months.
  15. Only one spend cap option can be taken at any one time.
  16. O2 reserves the right to remove or vary any elements of the spend caps.
  17. A minimum of 30-days’ notice will be given by text message if we increase the price of the spend cap you are using.
  18. Use of data is subject to network coverage.
  19. Data usage is charged in 1KB increments. 1MB is 1,024KB. Charges are made only for data received and sent.
  20. Your normal Airtime, Tariff and Bolt On terms apply. See