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International and Roaming Bolt-On from 12 November 2015

The International and Roaming Bolt-On is available from 12 November 2015 to new and existing business customers connected to O2’s business tariffs.

The Bolt-On is available upon application to O2. Prices vary based on the numbers of users and the call requirements of each user. Each user connected to and using the Bolt-On will be charged a monthly subscription fee. The Bolt-On must remain connected for the same minimum term as the customer’s mobile agreement. If the customer terminates the Bolt-On within the minimum term, termination charges are payable.

The Bolt-On allows customers to have a bundle of call minutes which can be used for:

  • Calls from the UK to abroad
  • Calls received while roaming
  • Calls made while roaming

The call bundle can be shared between multiple users under a single agreement. The actual monthly usage of all users is aggregated every month and compared against the total bundle size.

Where a customer’s average usage over any consecutive 3 months exceeds the call bundle size, O2 reserves the right to increase the charges on the customer’s next monthly bill to reflect the customer’s actual usage EG: if usage exceeds the call bundle by 10%, the monthly subscription fee will increase by 10%. Where the customer’s average usage returns to the original agreed call bundle over any consecutive 3 months, the associated charges will revert to the original monthly subscription fee from the customer’s next monthly bill.

O2 reserves the right to withdraw the Bolt-On at any time upon 30 day notice.