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Pay As You Go O2 Web Bolt On Terms & Conditions

O2 Web Bolt On (no longer available to opt in to)

  1. The O2 Web Bolt On allows you use (subject to this excessive usage policy) of Telefónica UK's GPRS/ 3G networks (as applicable to your handset), for personal internet use via your mobile phone. All usage must be for your private, personal and non-commercial purposes. You may not use your SIM Card:

    • a. in, or connected to, any other device including modems;
    • b. to allow the continuous streaming of any audio / video content, P2P or file sharing; or
    • c. in such a way that adversely impacts the service to other O2 customers.

If O2 reasonably suspects you are not acting in accordance with this policy (including where you use an atypical volume of data as compared to normal users of the O2 Web Bolt On, which will normally be less than 200MB of usage within a one month period), O2 reserves the right to impose standard browsing charges (see for details), impose network protection controls which may reduce your speed of transmission, remove the O2 Web Bolt On from your account or disconnect your tariff at any time, having attempted to contact you first.

  1. To OPT IN to the O2 Web Bolt On send a free text message containing the keyword "WEB" to 21300 or call free on 2425 from your O2 mobile.
  2. One month minimum term applies. To OPT OUT send a free text message containing the keyword "WEBOFF" to 21300 at least 48 hours before the next payment is due or alternatively call free on 2425 from your O2 mobile.
  3. You may OPT IN or OPT OUT of the service at anytime. However the minimum charge is the monthly fee of £7.50. No refunds will be given.
  4. Benefits of your O2 Web Bolt On apply to use in the UK only.
  5. A maximum of one O2 Web Bolt On can be added to your mobile at any one time.
  6. O2 Web Bolt Ons apply to GPRS WAP but not Circuit Switched WAP. You must have a GPRS handset and your SIM must be GPRS enabled in order to use the O2 Web Bolt On.
  7. Please note O2 Web Bolt Ons cannot be used in conjunction with the WAP 500, Browse & Download, O2 Active Browsing or O2 Web & Wi-Fi Bolt Ons.
  8. You must have a minimum of 17 pence on your handset balance in order to make a GPRS connection in the UK.
  9. General Bolt On Terms & Conditions apply. See for details.