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O2 Trio Terms & Conditions

  1. Available to all O2 UK Pay As You Go customers excluding customers on O2 Online tariffs.
  2. Eligible customers may change tariffs every 30 days. To switch to O2 Trio please call 2425 free from your mobile and follow the instructions. You will receive a text message within 48 hours to confirm that your registration has been accepted.
  3. Your confirmation text will include reference to your "anniversary date". Your anniversary date is the date each month by which you must have topped up with at least £20 in order to receive your next monthly O2 Trio call allowance.
  4. O2 Trio is an O2 Pay As You Go tariff. By opting in to O2 Trio you are requesting that you wish to replace any free allowance you currently receive on your existing tariff with 500 minutes to three chosen O2 mobiles. You can stop your request to change tariffs within 48 hours of opting in to O2 Trio by texting NO TRIO to 21300, or by calling 2425, at no charge.
  5. The standard call charges for O2 Trio are based on O2 Talkalot rates. If you are opting-in from Pay&Go Original you are agreeing to Talkalot call charges. Full tariff details can be viewed at
  6. O2 Trio gives you 500 anytime minutes to call three nominated Telefónica UK Limited mobile numbers from the UK every month, provided you have topped-up at least £20 in the previous month.
  7. Your 3 selected numbers must be Telefónica UK Limited mobile numbers. Video calls are excluded.
  8. You can change your 3 chosen O2 Trio numbers once every 30 days by calling 2425 free from your mobile. You can also change your numbers every time you top up your mobile via credit card or voucher. If you top up by E Top-Up you will need to call 2425 to change your numbers 48 hours after your credit has been successfully added to your handset. If you want to keep the same chosen numbers no action is required.
  9. When changing your three chosen O2 Trio numbers you will have to input all three numbers. For example if you only want to change one, you will have to put the new number followed by the two existing O2 mobile phone numbers which you wish to keep so that the whole list can be updated. The IVR will confirm which numbers you have chosen.
  10. When your O2 Trio allowance runs out you will receive a text message within 4 minutes to notify you that your free allowance has run out and you are now being charged for all calls.
  11. If you have a Bolt On package including an allowance of minutes each month, your O2 Trio allowance will be used first for relevant calls, followed by your Bolt On allowance.
  12. The O2 Trio call allowance will be replenished every month on your anniversary date provided you have topped-up by at least £20 by this date each month. If you do not top-up by this minimum amount you will not receive your O2 Trio allowance until you next top up. Your anniversary date will then be reset within 24 hours and notified to you via text message
  13. O2 reserves the right to remove, vary or amend any element of this offer. If we amend O2 Trio to your disadvantage we will notify you. Notice will be provided by text message. Changes will be effective immediately upon our having notified you.
  14. Any unused O2 Trio call allowance will not roll over from one month to the next. You will receive a reminder 48 hours before your anniversary date to notify you if you need to top-up.
  15. Customers with the O2 Friends Bolt On are NOT eligible for O2 Trio. They must opt out of the O2 Friends Bolt On then retry to opt in to O2 Trio