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Fast Track Upgrade terms and conditions

The "Offer" is available to Eligible Customers only.
You're an “Eligible Pay Monthly Customer” if:

  1. you're an existing consumer Pay Monthly customer on a standard (non-promotional and non-Refresh) tariff; and
  2. you signed or re-signed to your current tariff (“Current Contract”) in the last 24 months and are still within the minimum term of your current contract which will end during the Eligibility Period.
  3. The “Eligibility Period” is from 23 February 2017 to 21 July 2017.
You’re an “Eligible SIM-Only Customer” if:
  1. you’re an existing consumer Pay Monthly 12 Month SIM-Only customer; and
  2. you are 3 months or more into your minimum term.
Eligible Pay Monthly Customers and Eligible SIM-Only Customers are collectively referred to as “Eligible Customers”.
How to participate:  
  1. Eligible Customers must upgrade to an O2 Refresh term tariff with a 24 month minimum between 23 February 2017 and 21 July 2017. The upgrade must consist of a Device Plan consumer credit agreement and an 'Airtime Plan' purchased from O2 (see full terms at O2 Refresh - Device Plan and terms and conditions) where the combined monthly Device Plan and Airtime Plan are equivalent to, or of higher value than, your Current Contract tariff (“Qualifying Contract”).
  2. Participation is subject to status and credit check.
  3. The Offer is not available if you want to sign up to a SIM-only tariff or a non-O2 Refresh Pay Monthly tariff. 
Offer details:
  1. If you participate in the Offer and you accept all of the terms and conditions of the Offer listed here then, Eligible Customers will be entitled to a waiver on the remainder of the payments due under your minimum contract term. 
  2. Before you can end your Current Contract under this Offer you must:
    1. Sign up for a new 24 month term O2 Refresh tariff consisting of a Device Plan on a consumer credit agreement and an Airtime Plan on our standard Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement; and
    2. Understand and agree that if you change your mind you won't be able to go back to your previous tariff or Current Contract. However, you'll still have the right to change your mind about the Qualifying Contract as set out in paragraph 12 below.
  3. You must purchase your Qualifying Contract in O2 retail stores (including franchise stores), online at, through our O2 telesales team and MyO2. 
  4. Your Qualifying Contract must have a combined Device Plan and Airtime Plan value that is equivalent to, or of higher value than, your Current Contract handset base tariff, excluding any bolt-ons or additional services. An O2 advisor will be able to tell you which tariffs available with Qualifying Contracts are of equivalent value to your Current Contract handset tariff. For the avoidance of doubt, new handset tariffs (including or excluding 4G) not on O2 Refresh and/or adding 4G bolt-ons to an existing tariff are excluded and are not Qualifying Contracts.
  5. If you are not an Eligible Customer then you may still be able to upgrade early in accordance with the terms of your Current Contract.
  6. If you take up the Offer, any unused call/text allowances on your current tariff will be lost. You won't be able to move back to your old tariff after you've upgraded.
  7. When you take a Qualifying Contract you can change your mind about which device you take in the first seven working days or you can cancel your entire O2 Refresh package (both Device Plan and Airtime Plan) as part of our standard 'Change Your Mind' policy. This means you can:
    1. change your device for a different device available on O2 Refresh (which may involve signing up to a different Device Plan); or
    2. subject to paragraphs 16 and 17 below, cancel both the Airtime Plan and Device Plan, get a refund on any upfront payment you may have made for your device and return the device to us.
  8. If you decide to cancel your Qualifying Contract, you are not entitled to go back onto your old tariff. 
  9. If you're cancelling, you'll still be responsible for any usage charges you've incurred. Please see the Pay Monthly Service Terms that come with your Qualifying Contract for more details.
  10. This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any early upgrade eligibility you may have as part of O2 Rewards.
  11. You can also get money for your old device by trading it in with O2 Recycle.
  12. O2 may withdraw or amend this Offer at any time and will post details on our website. Please check for up-to-date information.

PROMOTER: Telefónica UK Limited, 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4LH (‘O2’).