Terms & conditions

£30 Debenhams voucher with 20GB Airtime Plan terms and conditions

  1. The Debenhams voucher offer (the "Offer") is available to customers signing up to a 20GB Airtime Plan on O2 Refresh in conjunction with a device between 12th September and 12th November 2014 ("Offer Period"). Customers are only entitled to take up the Offer or the 20GB Airtime Plan 6 Free Cineworld tickets offer and cannot take up both offers.
  2. Customers must sign up to our Pay Monthly Mobile Agreement and take out a 20GB Airtime Plan in order to take advantage of this offer.
  3. Customers who sign up during the Offer Period, select the Offer and remain connected beyond their cooling-off period shall receive a code through the O2 Priority app which shall appear as a "Thank You" (the "Code") in the My Priority section or will be sent a code via SMS for non iOS or Android devices.
  4. Customers must have downloaded the O2 Priority app (if iOS or Android) and/or signed up to O2 Priority (online if non-iOS or Android) in order to be able to receive (and, in the case of the app, use) the Code. By signing up to O2 Priority you also consent to receiving marketing from O2 in relation to similar products, services and offers.
  5. Customers must remain connected to the 20GB Airtime Plan and with O2 in order to redeem and/or use the Code.
  6. The Code may be used beyond the Offer Period to redeem a single £30 e-Giftcard for use in Debenhams before the expiry of 90 days from receipt of an SMS confirming that the Code is available through the app (for iOS or Android) or receipt of the Code via SMS, the latest date for expiry of which will be 23rd April 2015 ("Redemption period"). The redemption in the Priority app and the e-Giftcard will both expire on that date.
  7. The Code must remain live in O2 Priority (if being redeemed through the app) and screenshots will not be accepted, or the customer must present a valid unexpired SMS Code if not using an iOS or Android phone. Codes may be redeemed online or in Debenhams stores.
  8. E-Giftcards may be used to purchase anything from Debenhams. No purchase is necessary to use an e-Giftcard and e-Giftcards may be used at any time prior to expiry.
  9. E-Giftcards may be redeemed in all Debenhams UK stores and online at
  10. Voucher redemption is subject always to Debenhams' standard terms and conditions.
  11. The Code is valid to begin redemption until the expiry of 90 days from the customer's receipt of an SMS confirming that the Code is available through the app (for iOS or Android) or receipt of the Code via SMS. Unless redemption of an e-Giftcard has begun, the Code will not be valid for after this date or the end of the Redemption period, whichever is earlier. Beyond this date e-giftcards shall expire and Client shall not honour customers' beginning redemption of an e-giftcard, provided that where redemption of an e-giftcard has begun, any unused balance shall remain available for those customers in accordance with Debenham's standard redemption period of 2 years.
  12. If you have any problems redeeming e-Giftcards, please contact Debenhams.
  13. If you have any problems with the SMS, Code or app, please contact the O2 Priority team following the instructions in the app or online.
  14. O2 accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen, or misused Codes or SMS.
  15. No cash or credit alternatives shall be provided.
  16. May not be used in conjunction with other 20GB Airtime Plan launch offers.
  17. Promoter: Telefonica UK Limited, 260 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 4DX.