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O2 Wireless LAN Service Terms and Conditions

  1. To use the O2 Wireless LAN service the Customer must be on an O2 Business Voice or Business Data tariff connected to the DISE billing system*.
  2. Use of the O2 Wireless LAN service is subject to the Customer agreeing to and complying with O2's standard terms and conditions for Business customers. A copy of the Consumer and Business Customer Standard Terms and Conditions can be found at
  3. O2 has a list of devices (with appropriate software versions) and operating systems that are approved to access the O2 Wireless LAN service. Full details are available via the Wireless LAN page. The Customer is responsible for the provision of and payment for the devices (with appropriate software versions) necessary for use and connection to the O2 Wireless LAN Service.
  4. The O2 Wireless LAN Service is available at specific locations in the UK and selected locations outside of the UK, which are subject to change from time to time. A current list can be found on the Wireless LAN page in the regularly updated hotspot directory.
  5. The WLAN Max tariff is subject to a 12 month minimum subscription period and allows the user unlimited use of the O2 Wireless LAN service, and is subject to the following fair usage policy:

    WLAN Max Tariff Fair Usage Policy

    Monthly usage of the O2 Wireless LAN service on the WLAN Max tariff is expected to be below 80 hours per month. Excessive use, determined at O2's discretion, acting reasonably, will constitute abuse. O2 reserves the right to monitor usage, to apply additional charges and/or withdraw the WLAN Max tariff from any individual SIM Card, or all SIM Cards, contracted to the Customer at any time in the case of overuse or abuse of the WLAN Max tariff Any charges for overuse will be on the basis of the next appropriate time-based O2 Wireless LAN tariff.

  6. The Customer may purchase each single type of WLAN pass only once in any 30 day period per SIM Card. The Customer will not be able to purchase the same type of WLAN pass for use on a SIM Card for which that type of WLAN pass has already been purchased in the previous 30 days.
  7. O2 reserves the right to withdraw the O2 Wireless LAN service from any individual at any time in the case of actual or suspected overuse or abuse of the service.
  8. O2 reserves the right to amend these terms from time to time, but will provide Customers with at least 30 days notice of any changes, or as much notice as is reasonably practicable where such change arises as a consequence of changes imposed by a third party.

    * Existing customers on the WLAN Max tariff may be on a Business voice or Data tariff not on the DISE billing system.