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Staff Refresh Contract - Our Terms

Effective from 21 April 2017

Your O2 Refresh staff contract gives you unlimited minutes, texts, 50 media messages and 30GB of data. And you won't be charged for the cost of the Airtime Plan for your Minimum Term (i.e. normally the first 24 months of your contract with us).

O2 Refresh lets you change phones as often as phones change. Just pay off the rest of your Device Plan, and you can get another phone on a new Refresh contract.

Our employee tariffs are subject to our Pay Monthly terms which can be found at

What happens after your Minimum Term finishes?

Because you're staff, you get free airtime during your Minimum Term. Once your staff contract ends, the following will happen:

i. If you're still a Tef UK employee, and choose to upgrade, we'll move you to a new Refresh contract and you'll still not have to pay for your airtime for the Minimum Term of your new contract.

ii. If you're still a Tef UK employee, and don't upgrade, you'll be moved to the staff employee sim only plan for £16.43 a month until you upgrade.

iii. If you don't work for Tef UK anymore, and choose to upgrade, you can take out a new contract and will be subject to the terms of our consumer tariffs.

iv. If you don't work for Tef UK anymore, and don't upgrade, we'll move you to the standard 1GB Refresh consumer contract for your device.

We'll be in touch in the last month of your contract to remind you that it’s almost time to upgrade. We'll let you know when we’ve moved you across to our staff sim only plan (if you still work for us) or the 1GB consumer tariff (if you don't work for us anymore).