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Classic Pay As You Go - Tariff Details

Terms applying from 18 Jan 2018.

  1. Minimum top up £10. Credit deducted based on usage. Selected Bolt Ons are not-transferable to the Classic Pay As You Go tariff and will be lost if you switch – see clause 4 below and please check before switching. The Classic Pay As You Go tariff is compatible with the International Monthly and One Off Bolt Ons. Opt in at £2 per month to access reduced International rates for calls made from the UK. See for latest international call rates.
  2. The Classic Pay As You Go tariff is a pay-as-you-go modelled tariff. Customers must purchase credit ("Top Ups") the balance of which will reduce based on usage. For the avoidance of doubt, there are no inclusive or free allowances included in the Classic Pay As You Go Tariff.
  3. Standard rates for the Classic Pay As You Go Tariff are:
    1. 3p a minute for calls within the UK to landlines and mobiles and calls from our Europe Zone (excluding the UK) to Europe Zone landlines and mobiles. All calls will be charged by the minute and will be rounded up to the nearest minute;
    2. 2p per standard SMS text within the UK and from our Europe Zone (excluding the UK) to another destination in our Europe Zone. SMS to multiple recipients or MMS are charged at 45p per message;
    3. 1p per MB within our Europe Zone with no data cap. Your data use will be calculated every time a data session ends or every 20MB whichever happens first. There is a minimum charge of 1p per data session, however short. The charge for each data session will be rounded up to the nearest whole penny.
    4. 3p per call for voicemail within our Europe Zone;
    5. Calls to Customer Service are Free. See for more information.
    6. Unless a Bolt On or promotional rates have been offered and applied, any calls made from the UK to outside the UK or any calls from our Europe Zone (excluding the UK) to a destination outside of our Europe Zone, including Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man mobiles and landlines, will be charged at standard Pay As You Go international rates. International calls are charged by the minute and will be rounded up to the nearest minute. Each call charge is then rounded up to the next whole penny. For the latest country pricing, please see
    7. Any other call rates can be found
    8. You can review your remaining Top Up balance by visiting or alternatively you can dial *#10# or by calling 4444 which is free from your O2 mobile.
  4. The Tariff is NOT compatible with the following Bolt Ons ("Non-Transferable Bolt Ons"):
    • Bonus Messaging 50
    • Browse and Download 2MB
    • Browse and Download 4MB
    • Browsing
    • Call 100
    • Call 500
    • Call 750
    • Calls & Messaging
    • Calls & Messaging
    • Calls 50
    • Flat rate WAP
    • International Caller
    • International Talk & Text
    • International Talk and Text
    • Landlines 100
    • Messaging 100
    • Messaging 100 Call 25
    • Messaging 200
    • Messaging 400
    • Messaging 50
    • Messaging 500 Call 50
    • Messaging 750 Call 75
    • MMS 25
    • O2 Friends
    • O2 Home 100
    • O2 Home 250
    • O2 Web
    • O2 Web & Wi-Fi
    • Pay As You Go Wild
    • WAP 500

By switching to the Tariff customers accept that they will lose Non-Transferable Bolt Ons which, we may not be able to restore even if you later leave the Tariff.


For Pay As You Go Tariff terms see