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Terms & conditions

Blackberry® Service Terms and Conditions for Business Customers

Appendix 1 - Additional Terms and Conditions applicable to the BlackBerry Service

1. The customer expressly acknowledges the following additional obligations in respect to the provisions of the BlackBerry Service;

  • 1.1. The Customer shall be responsible for

    • a) procuring and commissioning the Server in accordance with the Server Specifications; and
    • b) installing the BES Software; and
    • c) provision of suitably qualified IT personnel who have a full working knowledge of the Customer's corporate e-mail system and firewalls; and
    • d) configuration of the BES Software for each BlackBerry Handheld device; and
    • e) ensuring that any of its staff who will provide First Line Support have received the training which O2 will provide in accordance with this Agreement; and
    • f) provision of First Line Support for BlackBerry Handheld device users; and
    • g) provision of any necessary training for BlackBerry Handheld device users; and
    • h) integration of the Customer's email accounts with the BlackBerry Internet Solution, including but not limited to resolving any issues arising from the interface with the Customer's email internet service provider and/or Customer's

IT infrastructure and policy.

  • 1.2. The Customer recognises that if it uses software packages or applications other than those approved by O2 for use with a BlackBerry Handheld device or the Server, O2 shall have no liability whatsoever for any failure of the BlackBerry Service resulting from the use of such software packages or applications by the Customer.
  • 1.3. The Customer agrees that it will deactivate any lost, stolen or replaced BlackBerry Handheld devices from the Server.
  • 1.4. The Customer shall use the returns process as detailed by O2 to the Customer from time to time for returns of all damaged/faulty BlackBerry Handheld devices and/or other Equipment.
  • 1.5. The Customer will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all its BlackBerry Handheld device users invoke password protection on their BlackBerry Handheld devices. O2 shall not be liable for any losses whatsoever or howsoever occurring as a result of a BlackBerry Handheld device user failing to invoke adequate password protection. The Customer should note, and inform its users, that text messages as well as emails are retained on a BlackBerry Handheld device even when it is turned off or the SIM Card is removed from it.
  • 1.6. The Customer undertakes to comply with all statutory requirements in relation to the use of the BlackBerry Handheld devices and/or other Equipment and the Wireless Services. The Customer shall be responsible, as licensee of the End-User Licensed Software for any encryption of information between the Customer's BES Software and the BlackBerry Handheld devices. The Customer shall accept responsibility for the provision, when properly required, of unencrypted information to the relevant authorities in accordance with European regulations and United Kingdom legislation. In the event that changes in legislation impose a requirement on O2 to provide such unencrypted information, the Customer shall provide O2, promptly or in accordance with any statutory timescales, with the unencrypted information in order for O2 to forward it to the relevant authority.
  • 1.7. O2 reserves the right to upgrade and change the specification of the BlackBerry Internet Solution at any time. This may entail, but is not limited to, changes to the web interface, rules around the maximum number of days that data will be retained and mailbox capacity.

2. Additional Definitions applicable to the BlackBerry Service

  • "BES Software"

    means the software known as the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software and which, when installed on the Customer's Server of the required Server Specification, forms part of the End-User Licensed Software for the purposes of using the BlackBerry Service.

  • "BlackBerry Handheld"

    means a specific Device the principle purpose of the design of which is for use with the BlackBerry Service or any other Device on which the BlackBerry software is installed for the purpose of using the BlackBerry Service.

  • "BlackBerry Internet Mail and BlackBerry Internet Solution"

    means a specific Device the principle purpose of the design of which is for use with the BlackBerry Service or any other Device on which the BlackBerry software is installed for the purpose of using the BlackBerry Service.

  • "BlackBerry Service"

    means the Wireless Service which enables the Customer to send and receive e-mails using a BlackBerry Handheld and in addition to use the BlackBerry Voice Service and / or the BlackBerry Internet Solution.

  • "BlackBerry Customer Service Charter"

    means the service plan for BlackBerry as determined by O2, which can be provided to the Customer by O2 on request and as updated from time to time.

  • "BlackBerry Voice Service"

    means the service which enables voice calls to be made and / or received on their BlackBerry Handheld.

  • "First Line Support"

    means the Customer's IT helpdesk which shall be the Customer's employees' first point of contact in the event that they have a query or problem with a BlackBerry Handheld or the BlackBerry Service.

  • "Server"

    means the computer server provided by the Customer on which the BES Software will be installed and operate.

  • "Server Specification"

    means the minimum specification of the Server which shall be available from O2 upon request.