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Terms & conditions

30GB Data Tariff 12 Month Upgrade Offer with Purchase of iPhone 6s/6s+ terms and conditions

  1. This promotion is open to UK residents.
  2. Subject to clause 3 below, customers who have purchased an iPhone 6s/6s+ on a 30GB O2 Refresh tariff from 25th September 2015 (“Existing iPhone”) will following 12 months from the date of connection be able to trade in their Existing iPhone and upgrade to a new mobile handset whether or not this is within their Minimum Term (“12 Month Upgrade Offer”).
  3. To take advantage of the 12 Month Upgrade Offer Customers must (a) have purchased their Existing iPhone on O2 Refresh together with a 30GB 24 Month Airtime following 25th September 2015 (b) have not more than 12 months remaining on their O2 Refresh Minimum Term and (c) trade in their Existing iPhone through O2 Recycle and (d) upgrade their handset to another mobile handset on an O2 Refresh Contract through O2 Stores.
  4. Customers will not be eligible for the 12 Month Upgrade where any upgrade is undertaken through any one of our third party distributors.
  5. If following 12 months of your O2 Refresh Minimum Term you have an outstanding balance on your existing O2 Refresh Agreement, provided you trade in your Existing iPhone through O2 Recycle under 3b above we will pay that outstanding balance (“O2 Payment”).  Existing iPhone must be unlocked from your iTunes account and factory settings restored and must meet the minimum condition requirements set out at to be eligible for trade in.
  6. The O2 Payment above will be made regardless of the value of your Existing iPhone.
  7. Where your Existing iPhone is worth less than the O2 Payment you will not be required to pay the difference.
  8. Where the value of your Existing iPhone is worth more than the O2 Payment, O2 will not be obliged to pay you the difference between the O2 Payment and the actual value of your Existing iPhone. 
  9. Customers with an Existing iPhones where the trade in value is higher than the O2 Payment may wish to trade in their Existing iPhone through O2 Recycle wait to receive the cash payment into their bank account and subsequently pay off their Outstanding Balance.
  10. Where any upfront payment is required as part of the upgrade then this will be payable by the Customer as per the terms and conditions applicable to such upgrade. 
  11. This 12 Month Upgrade Offer will only apply to the Existing iPhone O2 Refresh Agreement and not to any subsequence upgrade.
  12. Subsequent upgrades will be subject to the terms and conditions in place at the time of the upgrade.
  13. Customers should retain a copy of their receipt or online order confirmation (if buying online) as proof of purchase. No correspondence will be entered into. There is no cash alternative and the Offer is personal to the purchaser and is non-transferable.
  14. O2 reserves the right to end this offer on 7 days’ notice.
  15. These terms and conditions shall be governed by English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction