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Terms & conditions

Supplementary terms for iPhone Business customers (July 2008 - 30 July 2010)

The following terms and conditions apply to business customers' use of iPhones and the iPhone Bolt On and are in addition to the terms within the Agreement between the Customer and O2.

  1. iPhone is restricted to use on the O2 Network. If the Customer attempts to unlock an iPhone and use it on another network, the iPhone may become permanently unusable.
  2. If the Customer uses the iPhone with a SIM Card which is not connected to the iPhone Bolt On, the Customer will lose the ability to receive Visual Voice Mail and the Customer will not benefit from inclusive Data and WiFi as included in the iPhone Bolt On.
  3. Upon receipt and in order to enable the iPhone, the Customer shall connect the iPhone to the latest version of iTunes. This authenticates the iPhone and O2 SIM Card and enables the iPhone to allow full use. Until the iPhone is connected to iTunes, it will not operate.
  4. The iPhone will only work with a single Access Point Name (APN). The default APN is set to Mobile Web to allow browsing and 'open' access to the internet. If the Customer uses a private APN for its email service the Customer can overwrite the Mobile Web APN, but this then means that access to the internet for browsing will need to be 'enabled' within the Customer's IT infrastructure.

    • a.The iPhone Bolt On allows the Customer unlimited use of O2 UK's Edge, GPRS, 3G and HSDPA networks and the O2 Wireless LAN Service, for internet use, email and Visual Voicemail (VVM) on the iPhone device only.
    • b. You may not use your SIM Card in any other device, or use your SIM Card or iPhone to allow the continuous streaming of any audio / video content, P2P or file sharing or use them in such a way that adversely impacts the service to other customers of O2 or O2's suppliers. If O2 reasonably suspect you are not acting in accordance with this policy O2 reserves the right to impose further charges, impose network protection controls which may reduce your speed of transmission or disconnect your tariff at any time, having attempted to contact you first.
    • c. Any data usage outside of the United Kingdom will be charged at the roaming rates for data usage applicable to the tariff to which the SIM Card is connected. O2 recommends the Customer selects an appropriate roaming data tariff commensurate with its requirements.
  6. If the Customer wishes to select the iPhone Bolt On the Customer will be required to sign up to a business tariff with either a 24 or 36 month Minimum Period.
  7. The iPhone Bolt On is only compatible with O2's current business tariffs portfolio (Small Business Regular User, Small Business Frequent User, Medium Business Regular User, Medium Business Frequent User, Large Business Regular User, Large Business Frequent User plus sharers to any of these tariffs, Superuser, Best for Business Pay As You Use and Mobile Extension).
  8. During the period 11th July to 11th October inclusive if the Customer has an end user with a 2G iPhone connected to an O2 consumer Pay Monthly tariff, the end user will be eligible to upgrade to a new 3G iPhone without incurring any Termination Fee in respect of their existing contract for the 2G iPhone (the "Contract"). If the Customer wishes to re-integrate their end user's new 3G iPhone into the Customer's existing business Agreement, the Customer shall be required to select one of the business tariffs, an iPhone Bolt On, and sign up to a new Minimum Period of 24 months in respect of the SIM Card within the 3G iPhone.
  9. If the Customer has an end user with a 2G iPhone under an existing Contract with O2 and wishes to transfer that 2G iPhone to the Customer's existing business Agreement, the Customer shall be permitted to do so provided that the Customer connects to a business tariff which has a Minimum Period of 24 months (the "24 month tariff") and selects an iPhone Bolt On. In this instance once the 24 Month Tariff has been selected, the Customer shall only be required to serve the remainder of the Minimum Period applicable to the Contract.
  10. Notwithstanding any clause in the Customer's Agreement with O2 which states that title in the Equipment shall not pass to the Customer, where O2 supplies an iPhone to the Customer, then notwithstanding delivery and acceptance of such Equipment, title in such Equipment will pass to the Customer on the date on which all invoices relating to such Equipment have been paid in full to O2.
  11. Definitions. The following additional definitions apply:

    • a. "2G iPhone" means an Apple iPhone device which is designed to work on a 2G (GPRS) network only;
    • b. "3G iPhone" means an Apple iPhone device which is designed to work on a 3G network;
    • c. "iPhone" means an Apple iPhone device which may be a 2G iPhone or a 3G iPhone.