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Terms & conditions

Savings Promise for O2 Enterprise Customers terms and conditions

  1. These promotional terms and conditions relating to the O2 Savings Promise ("Promotional Terms") set out the basis on which Telefonica UK Limited (Company no. 01743099) of 260 Bath Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 4DX ("O2, we, us, our") will provide services to the customer with whom we make this agreement or a person who we reasonably believe is acting with the customer's authority ("You, Your").
  2. This offer is available on fixed landline contracts signed with O2 between July 1st 2014 and September 30th 2014.
  3. This offer does not apply for O2's small to medium sized business contracts. It is only available for direct sales to business customers with more than 2,000 employees. Eligibility is subject to status as determined by Your account manager.
  4. The Promotional Terms are in addition to Your standard Business Contract arrangements (the "Terms"), and terms which are not defined in the Promotional Terms will have the meaning set out in the Terms. If there is any inconsistency between the Promotional Terms and the Terms, the Promotional Terms will prevail.
  5. The Promotional Terms will apply to new and eligible customers who sign up to O2 landlines on one of the contracts referred to above.
  6. The closing date for signing up to this offer is 30th September 2014 and O2 landlines must be live on the O2 network by 31st December 2014. We reserve the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time (any amendments to these terms will be explained at the top of this page).
  7. We reserve the right to withdraw the offer from any person or business who has not complied with the requirements of the Promotional Terms or the Terms.
  8. In order to qualify for this offer You will need to allow Tariffmatch to carry out an audit of a recent fixed line bill from your existing supplier. If this audit shows You could save by switching to O2 and You switch to O2, You will then be eligible for this offer.
  9. Once we have carried out the Tariffmatch audit we will confirm what savings You can make. If You can make a saving and sign up to a contract with O2 we will make a Savings Promise.
  10. The Savings Promise will apply to whichever geographic destination with a contracted non recommended retail price rate shows the lowest percentage cost saving in the Tariffmatch audit, either on a local, national, mobile or international destination.
  11. The Savings Promise will apply to reasonable commercial call use. If we suspect You are trying to abuse the Savings Promise by making excessive, unnecessary or fraudulent calls in order to manipulate the results we reserve the right to suspend the Savings Promise and carry out an investigation into the activity. Subject to our findings we may, in the event of abuse of the Savings Promise, withdraw it from You or reduce it.
  12. 6 months after You have signed up (that's 5 months after Your first bill) Tariffmatch will run a second audit of Your actual monthly call charges against the call charges of Your previous supplier. If there is a disparity between the amount the Tariffmatch audit said You would save (as indicated in the projected annual cost comparison) and the actual amount You save we will take this disparity and credit it to Your account. We will make this credit once within 6 months of the audit.
  13. Only like for like charges will be compared, the same set of charges from the same lines. You need to port across the lines indicated in the original Tariffmatch audit and against which the Savings Promise was made. The Savings Promise is valid against the cost of the call charges on those lines only.
  14. You will be contacted by the O2 client management team to advise You of Your savings between 6 and 8 months after Your contract starts with O2.
  15. If any provision of these Promotional Terms is held invalid by any law, rule, order or regulation of any government, or by the final determination of any court of a competent jurisdiction, such invalidity shall not affect the enforceability of any other provisions not held to be invalid.
  16. These Promotional Terms are governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts, which both You and we submit to.