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Terms & conditions

Additional Terms and Conditions applicable to the All In Tariff and bundle

All In extra minutes offer

Terms and conditions - All In from O2 is a 24 month term contract, and comprises our best mobile Business tariff (called On & On), a single Landline and single Business Broadband connection (Access or Home Office). Selected handsets will include an upfront cost, and different pricing and terms apply for SIM Only variant. If you do not connect your Landline and Broadband at the point of signing up to All In, a £10 credit per month for each will be applied for a 9 month period thereafter, provided both are connected within 9 months of signing up (if, after 9 months, all 3 services are not connected, the connected services will be charged at RRP for the remainder of the 24 month contract). A 30 day happiness guarantee applies to broadband and landline from the date of connection to those services. Each service must remain connected for the minimum term from the date of connection of that service. Texts and minutes are to standard UK numbers only (charges will apply to other numbers, see UK data only. Fair use policy applies for all unlimited offerings. Broadband is subject to availability, BT or O2 Home Phone line and Acceptable Usage policy applies. For full terms see

You will also receive 250 landline minutes each month (for the duration of the contract) to call other standard UK landlines or UK mobiles. Unused minutes will not roll over into subsequent months. Any minutes used outside the Customer's existing bundle or the 250 extra minutes will be charged at our published rates.

The All In tariff is an O2 Business tariff and is not available to consumer customers. The All In tariff and bundled services are governed by O2's Standard Terms and Conditions for Business Customers and by ordering the All In tariff, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions relevant to each service, including:

  1. The General Conditions
  2. The Mobile Terms and the On & On business tariff terms
  3. The Mobile Equipment Terms (if taking the handset inclusive variant)
  4. The Fixed Terms
  5. The Landline Service Schedule and
  6. The Business Broadband (Packaged) Service Schedule.

Full terms and conditions are available at under Business. The Customer also agrees to the following additional terms and conditions specific to the All In tariff:

All In tariff specific terms

  1. All In includes a single mobile voice and data tariff, a single Business Landline and a single Business Broadband connection.
  2. The Minimum Term for the All In tariff is 24 months for a handset inclusive variant and 12 months for a SIM Only variant.
  3. The Minimum Period applicable for each of the three Services will be 24 months (for the handset inclusive variant) or 12 months (for the SIM Only variant) beginning on the Service Commencement Date for each Service (i.e. the date that Service is connected) and each individual Service must remain connected for that Minimum Period.
  4. Connection to the landline and broadband components must occur within 9 months of the date the Customer signs up to the contract for the All In tariff including the Mobile Voice Services and Data Services on the On & On tariff. Failure to connect the Landline Service and/or the Business Broadband Service within 9 months will result in the bundle being decoupled and each remaining connected component will be transferred to the standard RRP version. Each remaining Service must remain connected for the remainder of its Minimum Period.
  5. A credit of £10 per month per Fixed Service will be added to the All In tariff on your account to cover one instance of a business Landline Service and one instance of a Business Broadband Service until each are connected, up to a maximum of 9 months. Failure to connect either or both of the Landline Service and Business Broadband Service within 9 months will result in the All In tariff reverting to a standard RRP On & On for Business Mobile Voice and Data tariff and any other connected component will be charged at RRP.
  6. Standard Business Inclusive Minute tariff terms and conditions apply to the All In tariff.
  7. The 30 day happiness guarantee allows you to cancel one or both of the Business Broadband and Landline services only and is measured from the date of connection for each of those services. Cancellation of either service will result in the All In tariff being decoupled and reverting to RRP for the remaining connected components in line with paragraph 5, above.