Terms & conditions

Additional Terms and Conditions for 5G Services

1. These terms and conditions (the “5G Terms”) apply to any Customer taking a service from O2 that provides access to 5G, in addition to the terms and conditions within the Customer’s existing contract.

2. By using the 5G services, the Customer is agreeing to be bound by the 5G Terms which O2 may update, in its sole discretion, from time to time.

3. O2 will enable the 5G services, within a timescale to be advised, upon request from the Customer, subject to the Customer:
    a. procuring a compatible tariff or requesting that the 5G service be added to an existing compatible 4G tariff; and 
    b. complying with any further instructions O2 may provide to the Customer.

4. The 5G service is available on tariffs with a minimum of 6 GB data monthly allowance.  However, no minimum data allowance required for users on shared or aggregated data tariffs.

5. 5G services are only available in the UK. Roaming is not currently available with the 5G services.

6. O2 may elect to implement 5G speed caps at any time at its sole discretion.

7. O2 reserves the right to charge an additional monthly Charge for access to 5G services which would be notified to the Customer prior to the 5G services being enabled on their SIM Card.

8. 5G Services are only accessible via a compatible Device and SIM Card.

9. Once O2 has provided access to the 5G services to the Customer, the Customer will be able to access mobile data over the 5G network whenever there is 5G coverage available.

10. The Customer’s data allowance can be used for, and will not differentiate between, all types of mobile data (i.e. Edge, GPRS, 3G, HSPA, 4G or 5G) available on the Customer’s chosen tariff. The data allowance will not rollover from one month to another.

11. Access to 5G service will be provided at O2’s sole discretion, and is not currently compatible with private APNs.